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Green Environmental Group in Los Angeles provides attic insulation services and attic clean up services to Los Angeles and seroundined area. Green Environmental Group is an Attic Insulation specialist with expertize in installation and replacment and also provide energy reduction systems for efficient homes throughout Los Angeles.

Insulation is a fantastic way to significantly reduce the amount of energy you need to heat or cool your home. Insulation keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, because insulation resists the flow of heat. And, by reducing the heat flow, a properly insulated home uses less energy for heating and cooling and thereby, helping on saving energy bills.

Los Angeles Attic Insulation are committed to quality workmanship and exceptional value.

When Los Angeles installing insulation, we take special care not to damage the walls, floor and ceiling of your home or apartment. It doesnt matter how large the junk is, we will take it. We can clear out old furniture, memorabilia, papers and books,
clothing, whatever it is, we can handle it. For any wall or attic insulation jobs in the Los Angeles CA area, call Los Angeles Attic Clean up for help.

There are a variety of insulations to choose from including R3 Insulation, Fiber Glass Insulation, Cellulose Insulation and Foam Insulation. We offer other items to reduce your heating and cooling costs: Tyvek House Wrap, Radiant Barriers, Attic Tents, and More.

Why Use Green Environmental Group's Insulation Replacement in Los Angeles?

1. Damaged or Contaminated Insulation?
There are many instances of insulation replacement when talking about damaged or contaminated insulation. Not only does the environment play a part, but animals are a cause for concern as well. Pesky rodents that live in the attic have a tendency to tear up insulation and this will not only reduce functionality, but also introduce particles into the air.

Wet conditions on the other hand can potentially destroy and contaminate any type insulation, regardless of sealant. Beyond physical damage, conditions like this give rise to serious health hazards. Wet insulation can give rise to mold, and droppings, along with urine, can spark diseases.

If this information has not convinced you to find insulation replacement in Los Angeles, then please take into consideration the following: "when water or other liquid evaporates, deposits of foreign materials that remain may decrease the R-value, and may also give mold and or mildew nourishment and a place to propagate. This growth, and/or odor, may then also be transferred to other building materials. (Owens Corning blog).

3. Insulation Replacement & Upgrading
When talking about the modern world, one cannot help but mention how obsolete old technology is. The same goes for types of insulation and the quality found in previous products. Today's insulation is far superior to the same stuff that was sold over two decades ago. New insulation material can dramatically reduce heating costs due to new material alone. Local homes are especially at risk due to the old insulation used. If you find yourself in this particular position, do not hesitate and call for Green Environmental Group's insulation replacement in Los Angeles.

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Joe Johnson
"Great company. They came in and did a thorough inspection. The representative that came out to our office was very knowledgeable about the work that needed to be done in order to make sure that we were working in a healthy environment." Joe Johnson, Camarillio, CA
Tom Segal
"I am very satisfied with the service provided by Dr. Air Care. David was very professional and knowledgeableVery professional team, they cleaned out my attic which had infsted with rat! Thank you Green Environmental Group!"Mark Segal, Sherman Oaks, CA